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Are you ready for File Encryption and GDPR?

In this time of world Pandemic and COVID-19, your system needs to be protected against malfeasance, and to protect the safety and integrity of your database.

Thoroughbred Environment's 8.8.2 and later versions include File Encryption support. Thoroughbreds File Encryption and GDPR support uses AES 256 encryption, once your data is encrypted it cannot be displayed in any intelligible form on any system. See the features below:

Thoroughbred version 8.8.2 and later File Encryption Features:

  • Easy to implement
  • No program changes required
  • Defined at file creation
  • No other system including other Thoroughbred systems can read the data
  • AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Solution for data at rest
  • No Performance degradation
  • For Auto Expanding Direct files

There is no performance penalty, all your sensitive data is encrypted at file creation time. Applications such as medical, financial, price lists, sales and marketing lists etc. can benefit from Thoroughbred's file encryption and GDPR Support.

Any system connected to the internet is vulnerable to hacks, malfeasance, theft etc., and security is of upmost importance to keep your data, and your customer's data secure.

Stay safe and in compliance with Thoroughbred Version 8.8.2 with GDPR Support for Data at Rest.

For more information on Thoroughbred Basic Version 8.8.2 with file encryption and GDPR Support click here .

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